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B1/B2 Information and other International Student Information

Millennial Christian Training College is currently not certified to grant I-20 forms for foreign students wanting to apply for a student VISA. We have established a Ministerial Training for internationals which you can participate in with voluntary training period with a B1/B2 visitor VISA. Therefore, our foreign students have to apply for a B1/B2 visitor VISA at the US embassy in their country which grants a permit to stay in the USA for a max of 6 months. One way to complete your school year is to extend your stay in the US through an application to extend your non immigrant status expiration date. Another option is to leave the United States for a while on your school break and to return. The purpose of your visit with your B1/B2 Visa is for an "unpaid religious charity work".

Please take the following steps:
1. Go to the website of the US Embassy of your country. Learn about all the application process for the B1/B2 visa.
2. Apply for the B-1 Visa at
3. Schedule an appointment with the U.S Consulate General in your country.
4. Prepare the following information and supporting documents for your interview:
i. Your permanent home country residence address (outside the United States) with clear evidence you have no plans of abandoning, as well as other binding ties which will ensure the return to your country at the end of your visit.
ii. Name and address of your initial destination in the United States
iii. Demonstrate you have the funds to cover the expenses of your trip and your stay in the United States.
5. Once you have been accepted you will receive an invitation letter from Millennial Christian Training College. Take the invitation letter with you to the appointment at the U.S Embassy.
6. In your interview refrain from using words such as "School", "Study" or "Millennial Christian Training College" since the B - Visa status does not allow you student status in the United States.
7. Contact Millennial Christian Training College when you have been granted the visa.
8. Please note that you must pass the TOEFL exam and submit scores when submitting your application. Please visit the following website to sign up for the exam:
Test Scores will be discussed in further detail with the RBI Admissions office.


You might need to obtain a special International Drivers License from your country to be able to drive in Oklahoma. Even if you are not planning on getting a vehicle of your own this might become handy since most of the commute is done by cars in the USA. A Drivers License is also an important identification tool in Oklahoma.

Obtain a credit card! If you can obtain a card with your name on it that will be great! A credit card is not only the cheapest and most efficient way to handle currency from abroad, but it also works as an identification tool in many places.

You are responsible for your own housing, food, and transportation while in the United States. Prepare ahead.

If you have any questions feel free to email our office at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call (918) 924-6509.

If you are unable to join us we do have an online version available.

We are working towards other visa opportunities at some point in the future.

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